Each Step I Take

We flew in on Thursday.  Carol & Cheryl picked us up 
and we had a great brunch in Coronado. 

Then when Paul was free the four of us drove out to Huntington Beach 
to a fabulous place 1 block from the ocean.  We had a great time!

Deanna & Jon and their four kids were
 with us for dinner and delicious S-mores! 

On all three days we biked all down the boardwalk  
and loved being near the ocean and pier.

Good times! 

The place was lover-ly!

Bringing in the steaks.  Great chefs!

Our delicious supper!

Followed by some more S-mores!!  

Carol claimed her chair!  

KJ meet your great uncle Elwood!

We had a great bike ride and walk 

Group Photo

Even Carol biked!

Saturday afternoon we drove back to Paul & Carol's 
and then went to the Shield's for dessert.  Yummy!!
Our welcome sign. 

Another group picture!

Sunday morning we worshiped at Skyline church. 
 Paul leads the Classic Praise and Carol plays

And the Corbett Sisters made a come back. 

"Each Step I take"  
Originally sung in 1967 
Western Canadian Representatives at Wynona Lake Indiana
Youth For Christ Competition

Sunday afternoon we enjoyed at Carol & Paul's 

 In their great yard ~ A beautiful day

 A rose from their garden. 

Carol playing her grand piano

All together in their living room

We were sorry we missed seeing Melanie &
amp; her family. Next time for sure!

Thanks for a great weekend Paul & Carol.  
Great to be together! 


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