Tuesday, July 2, 2019

June/July fun

Love having the grandkids stay over

Liv & Luke made a hide out for quiet time! 

Lucy & Abby just read in bed. 

And we even found Bella dog food for Bella!  

We did an apple taste test. 
7 varieties. 
They were all good but the best three were:

Pink Lady

And of course, there was lots of swimming as well.  
Secily, swooshing her hair!  

Sunday, June 16, 2019


My mom had a stroke on May 31.

She was in the hospital for a couple of weeks and 
then was transferred to Deer Lodge Rehab. 

We always stay with my sister Darlene & Randy.

So great to see their kids, Kyle, Tiffany & Ollie. 
Ollie was so good all evening but by the time I thought 
of taking the picture he was ready to go home. 

Tiffany is an incredible knitter. 
She finished these socks while we were visiting!

The next evening we enjoyed supper at the Churro truck. 
Always delicious and always fun to see 
Tara & Jacko. Manuk & Amaya. 

A yummy picnic on the grass!
Thanks Tara & Jacko! 

Great to be together. 

Randy stocking up on empanadas 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Our hearts were broken

On Sunday June 2nd we received a call telling us that a tragedy had hit Weyburn.
Our niece's husband, Dale Chessall, and their son-in-law, Eric Calibaba
were both killed in a terrible vehicle accident.  

The funeral was held on June 10th  at the hockey arena in Weyburn. 
1800+ filled the place in honor of these two men.

The Sask.
Power Arch 

Both grieving widows spoke.


Charissa with baby Vanna

Ken, Helen, Barb, Bonnie,

Becky, Amy, Linda, Rae

Keith, Shelley, Lorraine, Elwood

The brothers,
Rae, Elwood, Glenn, Ken

Rae & Linda, Glenn, Lorraine & Elwood

The cousins
Amy, Shelley, Keith, Kevin, Jodie, Becky & Chase. 

Lorraine, Barb, Elwood

Charissa & Vanna Linnea


Becky, Chase, Rae, Linda & Amy

Jodie, Kevin, Ken, Helen

Keith & Shelley

Elwood & Lorraine

After the funeral we were invited with the Silver Heights Bible Church 
to a farm where we had supper and spent the evening. 

What a gift to the family, to be able to sit 
and visit in such a beautiful peaceful setting

Kelsey & Josiah

Grandma Bonnie with sweet Adaline

the proud parents,Tyler & Kelsey

the next morning, Elwood and I drove to Midale
 and showed Keith & Shelley around the farm

In memory of Grace

And the oil well is still pumping.  

Happy Birthday Secily