Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Wonderful Swedish Relatives

Loved our walk by the lake with Anders & Irene

And the great outside breakfast 

So good to see Rune 

And a wonderful supper  & time spent with Stefan & Maria,
and Martin & Johan, and Martin's friend and 
Anders and Irene.    

Stefan showing his beehives.

The Swedish bread hanging from the ceiliing

Back to the hotel to enjoy ice cream with Rae & Linda 
before we left for home and they for Prague. 

Our door sign welcomed us home.  

Saturday, September 3, 2016


We rode the train 5 hours north of Uppsala to Umeå

All over Sweden people ride bikes.  
So great. 

Then we started looking for the towns where
 Linda's other grandparents were from.
Djupvik (pronounced Youp-veek) was our first stop 

There was only one house but the kind folks, Kjell & Inga-Mai,
 invited us in for fika (coffee break) 

Kjell is a hunter.
This is a Swedish brown bear

The black bear is from Vancouver Island.  

He also hunted seal furs

Glad we didn't meet this claw in the wild! 

They also had some Lapland Sammy people's paintings. 

Inga-Mai's mother milking a reindeer (bottom left)

On to Robertsfors 

And Pellaboda

We looked around the graveyard in Savar 
within the amazing stone wall

We met a couple of women who were so 
helpful in trying to find Linda's relatives. 
Although we never did find any.  :(  

And they were so proud of their small Swedish town 
where the last battle against Russia was fought.
Elwood liked the cannons.

Loved the old buildings in Umeå

The flowers here are magnificent.  
Amazing to see with such a short growing season.

Great ride on the train back to Uppsala

Meanwhile, back home, 
Adeline lost her first tooth! 

And some had a fun time in Waco 

and in the river there.  :) 

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rae & Linda's house in Ilbåcken, Dalarna, Sweden

We left Sunday afternoon and flew to
Heathrow Airport in London, England

Loved seeing Harrod's
and the lovely tea cups. 

Then to the beautiful Swedish countryside. 

We stayed with Anders and Irene and visited Rune.  

Tuesday was on to Ilbåcken to see Rae & Linda and their wonderful acreage. 

Elwood loves their barn. 

Rae & Linda in front of ...

their old house and their new house. 
Both are on their property but 
the teen boys have claimed the old one.

Up in the barn hay loft. 
Loaded with fun things to see 

And lots of hay. :)

 Enjoyed coffee in their cute kitchen

The next morning we prepared for Fika
with 11 of the relatives. 

Gun-Britt Nilsson and Ingrid Kilander

Gun-Britt, Rae, Helena Kilander, Matîas,  Magdalena

Ingrid Elovsson,  Linda & Gun-Britt

I'm in the mix now.  :) 

Linda, Helena & me. 

Then out to explore
The outdoor shower in Skamhed

And the yummy blueberries and 
lingonberries growing wild

Matz and his parents, Sven-Erik & Margareta joined us for supper. 

We went and saw Michelle's champion horse. 
And her many, many jumping trophies.

Then a little work around the yard,

And finishing the grass cutting.

Our lovely room, upstairs.

The spinning wheel 

The very famous pattern in  the Dalarna region

The next morning it was berry picking time. 

And packing us to leave. :( 

  A stop here on the way back to Upsala 

where one of Linda's grandparent was from.

We always find the church and walk around the graveyard. 
This time looking for Rumbloms

We went inside the church 

Elwood preached :) 

We met some of the Israelsson's for supper.  
Here Karin is helping us all order. 
It was complicated.  
But delicious

Tomorrow we head way, way, way up north.