Sunday, January 29, 2017

Kauai, Hawaii

Our lei's  :) 

Our beautiful pool area where we swam once

...we preferred to spend our days ocean side!

There was a high surf the whole time we were there.  
The waves are enormous!

The beginning of the Napoli coast and 
the famous Kalalau trail

The Kilauea Lighthouse

We saw whales breaching in the ocean.  
They put on quite a show for us a couple of times. 

The surf was high.
We were the only ones on Secret beach

Sand & droplets of water were constantly in the air. 

Supper each evening on the balcony
Fun and delicious! 

Elwood loved the chickens that were everywhere. 

A great drive to Waimea Canyon on 
the west edge of the Island

It was cold and sort of rainy 

and windy.  We tried for a picture but couldn't do it. 

The wind was blowing sand against our faces.  

Thankfully the next day it was lovely! 

And we could spend time on the beach.  

We saw a number of monk seals on the shore. 
They look dead but they are just sleeping. 

Snorkeling was so fun. 
We swam with huge turtles every time.
One freaked me out! 

Yes, Elwood knows he has to be in the water.

We hiked down to Queen's Bath
This is the warning sign.

Rough terrain, lots of roots and slippery sloops 
but beautiful. 

We made it 

Taking a rest

Below is where many die. 

You can see why... So sad

We did go in the water but in a much safer area.
This is the actual Queen's Bath.
You can see that you can't be swept out into the ocean

Both Jan & I swam in it. 
When the waves come in it does 
throw you around a bit. 

A spectacular lava coast.

Albeit ~  wild!!

One evening we had 
a little hula dancing & music

We hiked by the mahogany forest. 

And ended up in this gorgeous garden

With spectacular flora!

Our feet were so muddy we had to wash off in the dog park.

We loved boogie boarding. 

Another Monk seal

The beautiful coast.

The weather station

This bird whistled but didn't talk to us.

Koi fish

Another seal!

We drove to the beach to watch the sunset. 


A fabulous vacation! 
Thanks Terry & Jan!