A great bunch to work with.  
We stopped for lunch

A time to stretch our legs and see Lake Atitlia  and the volcanoes. 

Our residence for a few days.

Preparing the room for the kids

A boat ride in the afternoon to visit  San Antonio

The volcanoes in the background

Some pottery?

The molds

The finished product

A very small village

A preschool class going for a walk.

Getting some instructions. 

The work begins

Elwood & Elijah

Palm Desert

After the wedding we went to Palm Desert for a week Such a great time. 
In the Palms
And flowers

The Morning Senate
The detail of the flowers. 

An enjoyable lunch with Al Thanks for making time for us! 

Many evenings were spent playing Codenames Various winners.... thankfully and many, many laughs

A few homes down we saw this!   Go Green!
One day randomly, we both met as we were shopping. #smalltown . #gooddtimes   #yesthoseweredeliciousmilkshakes

A simple archway. Wow!

So much fun to see where Brian & Darlene spend their winter.

Selfies are not always easy to take  but good for lots of laughs even if  we don't overly like ourselves in the picture. 

The beautiful rainbow we saw  as we were heading out to shop