Happy Birthday Elwood/Dad/Grampa

A surprise Charlie Brown birthday celebration.   Just before breakfast we all came out with our shirts on  and one for Grampa!  

We had breakfast and then opened Presents!
A book of pictures and letters  from various friends & family.  What a treasure!

Another gift in the back of the car...

A new yellow wagon!

Perfect for hauling grandkids

And then we just hung around for the day. With coffee...

An conversations
and games and phone calls.  And of course facetime with Erik & Yuriko 

And spent time at the dock and in the water. 

Grampa with 5 of the grandkids.


Larson has become a football player!

And Live a soccer player
Listening to the coach

Sisters cheering her on.

It can be hot watching siblings play their sports. 

Sometimes an umbrella is required.

Happy Birthday Adeline!

Adeline had a swimming party for her birthday!
Even with water balloons

And a piniata 

In between

For their 7th birthday the girls get a sewing basket  with a sewing lesson

Abby pinning

And the finished product

with two different colors!  

Sometimes Gramma cut's their hair

Or they help Grampa with his building.

There's lots to be done


And Grampa has started making sourdough bread. Yum!

And there were sleepovers with lots of blankets

And we were down in Waco

My flowers are still spectacular

 And Abby lost her first tooth!
Lots of excitement around here.  

E & Y

It's always fun to spend time at Erik & Yuriko's
This time though, we got to help with their wedding decor business. 

Hanging the backdrop.

The second wedding of the weekend. They turned this into....


Just took a bit of work.

But it became magical.  

The ceremony venue. 

It took shape

 But we did have time for some fun as well

And Yuriko wore her fancy shoes.  :) 

 And Carrie joined us for lunch at the Yacht Club

And more time in the 'Yacht'<