Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Moon

Moon turned 17 
Cinnamon rolls for Breakfast.

with Mose ~ except you can hardly see her 

Trying to help you see Mose....
No, that is not me making the peace sign.... 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter

Christ is Risen ~ He is Risen Indeed!  

Secily drew and colored the egg! 

The Bunny Cake was a huge hit! 

I love that Secily can now read to the younger grandkids.
Adeline is loving it!   

Dinner music 

The egg hunt was So. Much. Fun.

Each child was given a color to hunt for... 
Lots of excitement!

The kids are all in huge t-shirts cause they went swimming in their clothes.  
We only had a swim suit for Adeline! :) 

The hunt is on.

Adeline searching hard 

Even AJ enjoyed it!  

Wish I had taken some pictures of the grandkids
 in our incredible croquet tournament!
Putting my Christmas gift to good use!  :) 

Karin took this of me......

Our traditional birds nests! 

Needless to say we missed Bryan, Eraina, Lucy, Abby, Liv and Matt 
and Erik & Yuriko but was thankful
 we could FaceTime with them during the evening.  

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Jane

I unfortunately had the flu on Jane's birthday so 
we had our own time to celebrate on 
Lunch at Chick-fila and a carousel ride. 

We got her new runners and a little toy pet to decorate. 

Here she is outfitted in her Hello Kitty attire! 

Happy Birthday sweet Jane!! 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Excitement in our backyard

Ummm, yes that is a firetruck at our home.   

While we were watching Anders T-ball, our neighbor phoned 
to see if the fire in our backyard was intentional? !?!?!


Elwood called 911 and drove home to this:

Apparently our compost pile caught on fire.  

A little excitement for our neighborhood. 

Lots of water and foam 

The fire is out but our recycle bin suffered some damage.  

We are very thankful our neighbor was home
 and very thankful there was minimal damage. 

A Variety of Sports

Last Saturday we had six sporting event to attend.
  Unfortunately I did not take pictures of everyone 
but here is a sampling of our day. 

Anders takes the mound in T-Ball!

The 'frozen' fans on the side.  I was wearing capris.  
It was not warm enough for that!  :(

That was followed by Jane's soccer

Coach Daddy gives a pep talk.

She listened and scored a goal!! 

We cheered Larson on to victory at his Basketball game. 

Then on to Anders first time at hockey. 

Gear on, stick ready, 
Now onto the ice! 

He did so good!  

This was followed by Larson's baseball game ~ 
~which we missed ~ and then Moon's hockey.

A great day of participation!!  
Way to go Kids!  

Friday, April 4, 2014

Amercia the Beautiful

Karin became a US citizen on Friday, April 4th

The only Canadian being sworn in that day. 

I pledge.... 

Congratulations Karin!

Now she can vote. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Galveston, Oh Galveston

We picked up Al & Emma in Houston.
So fun to see Carson & Hilary and their adorable children, 
Cooper and Annie Austen in their darling home.

Then we headed to Galveston.   
The Strand District

The recently redone Pleasure Pier ~
a midway on the pier with carnival rides
& Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

We watched this Cruise ship make a U-turn in the channel.  
It was amazing.  It also was able to miss the Elissa, 
the old sailing ship that was moored at the dock. 

We had a fabulous supper at Fisherman's Wharf 
and then some yummy ice cream & candy at La King's Confectionary. 
Behind us is the incredible candy counter.  

The next day we walked along the 10 mile seawall. 

Elwood could not get over the 4 ft square chucks of granite
~ used to disperse the waves so they don't damage the wall. 

Tried to take all of us together but
 I barely made it in the picture! 

These signs show the water level of the different hurricanes.  
The top one was Hurricane Ike ~ 
maybe 2 feet over the top of the door! 

We went to Moody Gardens.  
An incredible complex ~
hotel, water-park, aquarium, Imax, plus gorgeous gardens. 

In the pyramids are the aquarium, the Imax and the restaurant. 

Fun to see the flowers

and unique animals
Two gold & blue Macaws

We had a delicious dinner at the restaurant
right on the water.
Again, I am rushing to get into the picture.  
It made for some great laughs! 

Then a cruise of the harbor on the paddlewheel.

The advisors! 

We toured a lot of the island.  
They build their houses on stilts so when the floods come, 
the water goes right underneath them. :)

And they build lookouts to watch the ocean.  

Such a fun time with great friends