Monday, March 27, 2017

Florida with Lorne & Fern

We had such a fun few days with Lorne & Fern 
at their place in Fort Meyers, Florida

We went to see the Edison-Ford Winter Estates. 
Amazing to see what he tried to grow there.

This Banyan Tree was huge. 
 Planted as a sapling in 1927

A statue of Edison was by the tree.  

Loved the smell of the flowers of the Ying Yang Tree

They make Chanel # 5 from this and you could really tell.
Sweet perfume!  

By the Caloosahatchee River

The pier use to extend for 150 feet.

The root systems were incredible. 

Went out for dinner and of course, I loved the edible flower 
as part of the meal with Atlantic cod.  Yum

Meanwhile back home......

Our skylight.
But thankfully it just went through one layer, 
not both, so no water was in our house. 

But despite the skylights a mess, 
our rose bush looks fabulous!  

Monday, March 20, 2017

The March Month of Canadians

Ron, Nancy & Janaya were here,

And I was able to meet Pat at the airport for a quick visit.  

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


We had a great week with Harry and his grandkids here. 

Happy 10th Anniversary, David & Kayla!!

The night before they left for Mexico

We spent lots of time walking to the park.
Sadie really was happy.  :) 

Fun at the playground

And blowing bubbles

Some fun suppers

With most of the gang. 

And down to Bryan's for coffee break.
Loved seeing the new Airstream. 

And we even celebrated Harry's 70th!! 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Al & Emma

Loved having Al & Emma here for a few days. 

We visited the George W Bush Presidential Library

Elwood being presidential

And Al behind the Resolute Desk 

The ceiling

Friday morning we watched the Dallas Stars practice.  

Great times with Great friends

Thanks for coming!  

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Whole Family

Erik & Yuriko were down for 6 days!
As always, so great to have them.  

Yuriko & Erik had to try out the hover board

On Friday, the boys went fishing on Lake Texoma

They were successful!  

That night was supper at our home
 E & Y brought a table cloth for Elwood

And we all enjoyed 'Babe's'
Yuriko's favorite. 

Saturday we all headed to Waco! 

Luke was ready with his new cowboy boots. 

Of course, a fire with hot dogs and smores.

It was Anders 8th birthday on the 21st 

So we celebrated with a Piñata! 
Erik got up in the tree 
to help with the rope

Taking turns hitting it. 

The Birthday boy 

And of course, motors were going.

The four wheeler was a huge success

Because Abby & Adeline could drive it! 

Their smiles say it all!! 

And Luke & AJ loved the Gator!

The blow up couch.   

Time to be alone. 

Loving the new stumps. 

Checking out the dock

and the water. 

Such a fun time.  
Larson was at a youth retreat and  Lucy was sick. 
Sure missed them both.  

The river was high.  

Good cousin time. 

And play time.

We also ran over to Magnolia Market at the Silos

And had supper at In-N-Out Burger
That was on Erik's bucket list

Sunday lunch was at Bryan and Eraina's
Fish Tacos

Sunday night the adults went to an Escape Room
 and then out for supper
Good times

Chandra's order was the best.

Monday night was supper at Jeff & Chandra's 
and girls lunch and massage. 
A great day.

Tuesday was a little bit of work

Such great family time. 

No, seriously!  Good times

We are thankful!