Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mile High City

Welcome to Denver 

And yes, both of these pictures were photo bombed!  
and by two different people

The only picture not photo bombed is this one Elwood took 
but he is not in the picture.  Haha

We went to Denver to attend the Forgotten Gospel Conference.
It was great. 

One of the many interesting slides.  

We enjoyed the somewhat cooler weather.
Loved having breakfast outside. 

And even found a great Ice Cream place in the evening.

Maybe Yuriko is famous in Denver

For those who don't know, this picture of Yuriko's family
 is part of the Awkward Family Photos.
The birthday card says:
'Wish we could be together for your birthday'
Buy them at Target.

You might want to grab a bottle  box of water 

Or ride on these skateboard swings

Or sit on these crazy chairs which are on the street mall downtown

Elwood and I toured the US Mint.

And the Federal Reserve Bank Money Museum

We toured the state capital

The inside is very majestic 

And the grounds are lovely

With great statues

the Bronco Rider 

We climbed to the 15th step that says:
'One mile above sea level'

The Denver County Building

And enjoyed another meal in the outdoors. 

Thanks Denver for a great visit.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Adults Night in Dallas

  A fun way to travel!
Okay, I'll admit I was nervous at first!  :) 

 In front of the most photographed place in Dallas.  
Unfortunately you can't see the bronze longhorn cattle drive behind us.

Karin & Ryan

Jeff & Chandra

Bryan & Eraina

Erik & Yuriko were decorating for 4 different weddings. 
Next time...

And then out for supper. 
Such a fun evening. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


So great to spend a week in Winnipeg with Randy & Darlene
 and helping my dad & mom. 

We even did touristy things. 
at the Mennonite Heritage village.

And sat in their hot tub ~
even though we had warm beautiful weather. 

We ate dinners outside

Visited the Shelmerdine Garden Center
loved the greenhouse, the gift shop and the gelato!

And went out to the Mennonite Heritage village. 

Very interesting.  
Their first homes on the prairies were similar to 
the turf houses we saw in Iceland. 

And Elwood & Randy loved seeing this 1949 chevy truck. 

And Darlene and I loved seeing the old kitchen, 
wood stove, oil cloth, enamel bowl.  

And the old Rogers syrup tin from our youth.  

And we had some good Mennonite food.
verniki, farmer sausage, cucumber salad and rhubarb torte.

Of course the guys loved the blacksmith shop 

And great to spend time with mom & dad, 89 & 93

We had a lovely dinner at Kyle and Tiffany. 
So fun to see them, their house and hear about their trip to Newfoundland!

Their lovely home

And fun to have Tara and the kids joins us for a good Swedish supper (thanks Ikea) 
and good to have Jacko join us after work.  

And Randy bought this bottle of wine.  
Haha.  The middle sister!! 

Elwood helped them take out two huge global cedars. 
30 years old.  

Now Darlene has to figure out what to put in there. 
Moved the flower pots for now.  :) 

A great week there. 
So thankful we could fly and didn't have to drive.  :) 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Happenings this summer

Of course lots of fun times in the water!! 

And in the pool, 
Adeline 5 years old. 

And inside ~ 
Filling our jar with an assortment of beans. 

The finished product

Painting our wooden boxes

Supper time at Jeff & Chandra's

Luke enjoying playing the guitar

Larson & Jane ~ workin' like a dog, slavin' on the fence line....
..... stretchin' those wires tight....
so Minka can't get in.  

Fun cousins time. 

And Grampa playing with his new toy 
on the 'ranch' in Waco.