Friday, July 18, 2014

Kelowna ~ cousins time

So fun being all together!

 Fun game time

The lots of beach time

The kids have loved the zip lines.  Over sand & 
 Over water.

Playground time

And splash park

And lots of relaxing

And of course, lots of fun!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Canada ~ Peace Arch Crossing

I came to Canada a couple of days early to visit with Jan. 
~ we walked to the Peace Arch Border Crossing

The other side of the above stone :)

 Jan & I on the bush bench 

The beautiful peace arch

 Jan's new strata living.  
Love their new place

The next day we spent the day at Crescent Beach.  
Watching the tide go out and come in!  Amazing.
With Jan's grandkids Brandon & Micalaya

Rhonda & Sean came for supper. So fun to see them!

Their patio is so peaceful!

 Elwood arrived late that night.
Terry & him discussing the tree.

 We walked to the Peace Arch Again

Then a bit of geocaching...

That night we attended my cousin Allan's 65th birthday
What a fun time! 

Jan, Allan, Me, Garry

 With our spouses. 

E & L, Jan & Terry, Allan & Charlain, Garry & Lynne

Monday, June 23, 2014

The End of a Fabulous Trip

Gamla Uppsala
The oldest part of Uppsala

Looking at the Viking boat in the museum

Touring the old church

Even finding a good place to rest. 

The Kings burial mounds

Elwood bought me this gorgeous necklace 
from Snö of Seden

We did have a quick stop in Ikea.  
Almost identical to America's :) 

A fabulous trip. 
Thanks again to all who made it so wonderful


Sunday we took the train in to Stockholm
Staffan said this orange and yellow train is very old.  
The sign behind it says... when you will move to Stockholm

We had our own compartment

We arrived.

It is such a beautiful city ~
The Venice of the North

 Elwood & Johan with 

Security on the old bank

We stopped for a great Italian meal ~ 
in honor of the rest of the family who are in Italy!
 One of the ferries

We took the ferry to...

 here.  A culture center.

Tove & Martin

Ready to begin our walking tour

The beautiful Stockholm skyline looking over the old village

We saw glass blowing and glass shaping.

The incredible finished products

We all loved the wood working shop

He was cute and entertaining and skilled!

Fika at 4pm


The May Pole

The Ancient Stones with carvings on it

The playgrounds. 

The tower.
  Then through their zoo.  

We were all entertained with the animals. 
Wolverines, bears, moose, bison, birds, monkeys 

The lemurs were hilarious!

 Then we said goodbye to Tove and headed back home
A fabulous day!

Monday we spent the morning at home. 
Maria baking, 

And Elwood & Staffan working on the bee hive frame.
 By the warmth of the fire.