Venice ~part two

Ok, this door that you can barely see is the entrance to our fabulous hotel
The little plaque gives the name and 
yes, they did tell us it was off a very, narrow street.
Ummmm ~ ya -uh!
Once you walked through the door you were in a darling hotel.  
One of our favorites!

We had a gorgeous sunny day on Tuesday!

Just gorgeous!

 Their big Valentine's festival is coming up. 
 There are masks and costumes everywhere

You have to hang laundry somewhere.....
 Selling produce from his gondola

A girl from Naples who helped us find the ponte Academia!  She is studying in Venice.

The Academia Bridge
 You buy a lock, secure it on the bridge and throw the key in the water.
Your love is locked together. 

We took the water bus out to Marco Polo airport.


Don said…
Enjoying following your journey

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